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Areas of Pracice Alimony

Alimony is a form of spousal support commonly ordered as part of any divorce case. Connecticut Superior Court judges are authorized to issue alimony orders pursuant to Connecticut General Statute §46b-82 which states in relevant part: “[i]n determining whether alimony shall be awarded, and the duration and amount of the award, the court shall consider the evidence presented by each party and shall consider the length of the marriage or legal separation, the age, health, station, occupation, amount and sources of income, earning capacity, vocational skills, education, employability, estate and needs of each of the parties and the award, if any, which the court may make pursuant to section 46b-81, and in the case of a parent to whom the custody of minor children has been awarded, the desirability and feasibility of such parent’s securing employment.”

Our representation of client’s who are seeking an order of alimony or defending against a request for alimony from the other spouse is based on our training and experience as trial lawyers. The factors listed in Connecticut General Statute §46b-82 guide our representation of clients in alimony cases. Each factor is researched and analyzed to optimize the greatest result for the client. In making recommendations to clients regarding the strength and weakness of their case it is important to understand the rules of procedure and rules of evidence we are bound in our legal system. It is easy to make requests and demands, but they have to based upon provable and admissible facts. We pride ourselves on providing legal representation to clients understand what the law allows and doesn’t allow when trying to prove a client’s case.

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