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A Bridgeport, Ct jury returned a verdict of $196,880.50 for 44 year old Marvalyn Foster against a Stamford, Ct. dentist. Ms. Foster had consulted with the dentist to replace a missing upper incisor with a fixed bridge. Without her consent the dentist extracted her three remaining upper front teeth. Read More

Mediated settlements for 17 patients of a former bankrupt dentist. The dentist, since deceased, had cancelled his malpractice policy but had previously secured tail coverage on a prior policy that allowed an unlimited reporting period. The cases settled through mediation just prior to trial for amounts that in total were just shy of the former policy limit of $1,000,000.00.

$250,000.00 settlement for severed lingual and inferior alveolar nerves during wisdom tooth extraction. During the course of the procedure both the inferior alveolar nerve damage in connecticut (which enervates the cheek and lip) and the lingual nerve (which enervates the tongue) were damaged, leaving the client with numbness as well as constant shooting pains in the affected areas of her face.   The client had not been properly advised of the risks, benefits or alternatives to the surgery. The case settled through mediation just prior to trial.

$250,000.00 settlement for failed implant supported bridge reconstruction. 41 year old secretary consulted with a dentist who held himself out to the public as an expert in implantology and dental reconstruction for replacement of bridgework in her upper jaw and placement of implant supported bridges in her lower jaw..   The patient lost 13 teeth as a result of resulting decay from improperly constructed bridges that allowed bacteria to flourish in her remaining teeth that held her bridgework in place. Costs for reconstruction were estimated as high as $73,000.00.

$225,000.00 settlement for defective bridgework for a 68-year-old former singer who did free lance voice-over work for radio and TV.   He consulted with a general dentist who provided routine care for many years to him but never provided a comprehensive treatment plan.   The dentist placed several bridges in his upper and lower jaw all of which failed as a result of rampant tooth decay that the dentist had failed to appreciate or treat. As a result the plaintiff lost 17 teeth that were replaced with implants and fixed bridges.

$135,000.00 settlement for failed orthodontia for a 15-year-old girl under treatment with an orthodontist for braces for 5 years.   During that time the dentist failed to take x-rays and failed to discover that the child's eyeteeth had not descended and had lost their roots through resorption leading to their loss and the need for possible future implants.

Dental Implant Law Suit in Connecticut

$125,000.00 settlement for failed subperiostal implants for a 59 year old account executive. She consulted with a dentist for placement of subperiostal implants in her severely atrophied lower jaw.   The implants failed and were removed and replaced with removable dentures.

$100,000.00 settlement for inferior alveolar nerve damage following placement of an implant in the lower jaw for 58 Year old woman.

$70,000.00 settlement for nerve damage following placement of an implant in the lower jaw for 41 Year old woman.

Failed Crowns and Root Canal Law Suit in CT

$125,000.00 settlement for failed crowns and root canals for a 55 year old management consultant and video writer/producer.   His profession involved frequent client and internal presentations and often demonstrations and performances as a voice-over narrator.   He consulted with the defendant for root canals and crown and bridge placements.   As a result of multiple failures the plaintiff lost 12 teeth and required extensive reconstruction.

$100,000.00 settlement for failed implant supported maxillary bridge for a 55 year old waitress who sought an implant supported bridge in her upper jaw.   The bridgework was unsightly and the implants failed resulting in their loss and replacement with dentures.

$99,999.00 settlement for over-preparation of abutting teeth for a maxillary bridge for a 44 year old business woman treated by a cosmetic dentist for replacement of a bridge. The doctor over prepared the abutting teeth leading to extensive decay and the need for further reconstruction. Case settled through mediation immediately prior to trial.

$130,000.00 verdict against a general dentist for installing two bridges with defective margins that also changed the patient's occlusion (bite), leading to disruption of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

$150,000.00 binding arbitration verdict against a cosmetic dentist who over-prepared the plaintiff's ten upper teeth for veneers. The dentist prepared the teeth so drastically that the patient was forced to obtain crowns instead, and required extensive root canal therapy.

$350,000.00 mediated settlement for failure to diagnose adenoid cystic carcinoma.

$450,000.00 mediated settlement for failed bone grafting and lost implants.

$97,500.00 settlement for failure to protect a patient while using a drill to excavate decay. The drilled slipped and pierced the upper cheek damaging the facial nerve.

$75,000.00 settlement against a general dentist for mild injury to the facial nerve during second molar extraction and subsequent bone grafting.

$337,500.00 combined settlement for failed full mouth reconstruction, by two separate dentists for 60 year old homemaker.

$320,000.00 settlement for a 39 year old woman for failed root canals, crowns and loss of teeth.

$225,000.00 settlement for failed full mouth reconstruction 62 year old male retiree.

$185,000.00 settlement for 28 year old woman for failed root canals and loss of upper anterior teeth.

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